As we work to improve the fabric of the centre we also aim to make it sustainable and as environmentally friendly and accessible as possible. These are some of the steps we have taken to reduce our carbon foot-print and our impact on the community.

1. Variable light sources - from low level to spotlight, to reduce use of full lighting when not required.

2. New fuel saving boiler and radiators with thermostatic controls.

3. Heating set weekly to operate only during the hours when the centre is booked.

4. Wall insulation to reduce heat loss and energy use.

5. Double glazed windows and heavy insulated curtains to reduce heat loss.

6. Automatic movement sensor lighting in toilets. 

7. Metered water.

8. No bookings taken for evening discos or late adult parties to minimise disturbance to local residents.

9. Users required to take rubbish away and encouraged to recycle, to avoid unpleasant accumulation 

    of bins at the centre and the blocking of the narrow pavement on collection days.

10.Careful maintenance of garden to prevent overgrowth of pavements and health and safety issues to      create a pleasant aspect for both users and local residents. 

11. Fully accessible centre with disability issues central to all decisions on refurbishment or alterations. 

12. Velux windows added to give more natural light and reduce energy use. 

13. Roof window blinds solar powered. 

14. Installation of Solar Panels - all investigations and surveys were carried out in 2015 but it sadly was           found not to be viable for this building to have panels installed. 

We ensured the refurb of the kitchen took into account all H & S and disability requirements and is fuel efficient. 

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